Friday, June 8, 2018

This is the Town Hall. It looks even worse on the other side where there are boarded up and broken windows. I can't easily take pictures of the other side because there are no sidewalks. I know that they don't like to pay taxes around here but ..... really? A coat of paint and a few minimal repairs would help. This is an historic district and the building is being used. I am guessing that they are just going to let it continue to crumble and then start operating out of a strip mall near the highway or something.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Police State?

I am still trying to process what happened this morning. On my way to take my granddaughter to school we noticed an excessive group of flashing police cars lighting up the highway.  I told my granddaughter that it must have been an accident in the intersection. She said "So many, it will probably be on the news". I doubted it because in this little town it would take something very bizarre to be newsworthy. On the way back, it became clear what it was which was indeed bizarre although will probably not hit the local news. It was a police parade at 7:45 AM on a Thursday morning on the most heavily trafficked artery in our town. It was led by several flashing vehicles followed by some running tee shirted men carrying a black and white version of the American flag with a large blue swatch across it and followed my more flashing police cars. Clearly the entire department was out for this strange show of force. And we are in a “blue” state, a red area yes, but a blue state. What is going on in red states? Also I wonder what color in a flag teachers should have?